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EES is a leading provider of fuel treatment programs for utility companies in the United States, Mexico, and several other countries. The key attributes of the EES advanced fuel treatment program include:

  • A diversified range of performance chemical fuel additives
  • Custom-engineered, fabricated, and installed treatment systems
  • Combustion diagnostics and flow modeling, specialized boiler testing and analytical services
  • A team of responsive, dedicated, and caring professionals who lead with a hands-on management philosophy

When EES was established in 1991, we had a vision:“To supply our customers with quality, innovative and cost-effective fuel treatment solutions that will help their business grow. In essence, we set out to become a solid and reliable fuel additives partner, and today we continually strive to enhance and refine this goal.”

EES is committed to defining and advancing fuel treatment technologies, and to the introduction of new products and systems which are increasingly more efficient, cost-effective, and responsive to utility and industry needs. EES seeks to aggressively maintain dominance in its mature markets, while identifying, acquiring, and servicing customers in emerging ones. EES will continue to maintain a strong financial position to assure continued long-term service to its customers.

The EES range of performance fuel additives, from stabilized magnesium-hydroxide slurries to complex organometallic solutions, hybrids, metallic catalysts, specialty asphaltene dispersants and combustion enhancers, is manufactured by several basic chemical manufacturers and formulators.