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Custom Solutions

CTC Line Card

Combustion Technologies – NT Series – Adjustable, Diffusing Coal Valve

  • Precise control of coal mass and velocity
  • Balance fuel delivery to individual burners
  • Prevent pluggage and fires
  • Improve flame stability
  • Optimize primary air flow
  • Eliminate need for fixed orifice maintenance

Air Monitor Power Division – The world leader in measuring combustion air flow and pulverized fuel flow.

  • Accurately measure Primary Air, Secondary Air, Overfire Air, Burner Air
  • Continuous Mass Flow Measurement of Individual coal pipes
  • Diagnose and fix fuel delivery problems (pipe imbalance, layout, surging, fires)

Delta Measurement & Combustion Controls – Gas analyzers are specifically designed for use in coal fired boilers or any dust laden conditions.

  • Accurate real-time CO, O2, NO and Temperature Measurement
  • Easy Installation
  • Minimal Maintenance

Rotork / Type K – Rotary and linear drives provide precise control of combination air and flue gas handling equipment. Type-K/Rotork electric and pneumatic drives have been used on many projects to increase boiler efficiency, reduce maintenance
and improve combustion control,

  • Drives and mounts are custom engineered for each application to minimize installation modifications on new and replacement projects.
  • Designed for high temperature environments
  • Highly accurate to 0.25% resolution
  • Precision control of wall-fired and t-fired low NOx burners, Overfire air and FD/ID fans