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Type K has given their customers peace of mind and high reliability in the most demanding applications since 1992.
Our applications help solve the most complex and frustrating issues you might be facing.

  • Unexpected boiler shut-down due to damper failures
  • High maintenance costs
  • Loss of available man hours
  • Unavailability of spare parts
  • High ambient temperatures hindering electric drive performance
  • Old electric drive gears and pneumatic drive internal levers which allow unstable control and backlash –hysteresis-hunting
  • Underestimated damper torques or inadequately sized damper drives requiring damper replacement
  • Plant safety, worker safety, plant environment, MW output capacity, unscheduled shutdowns and drive availability

Underpowered damper drive fail to operate dampers that have become corroded, fly ash deposit-laden or bound from thermal warped damper frames.

Type K offers cross-industry experience with a deep expertise in damper drive retrofit and replacement.