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Combustion Technologies Corporation provides the North American Power Industry with the equipment and services (integration, start-up and maintenance) necessary for combustion optimization.
Through partnerships with industry leaders, CTC offers premier products for boiler optimization and efficiency.

Engineered Approach

CTC is a pioneer of accurately measuring and precisely controlling the air and fuel to coal burners.



Handling, Measuring and Controlling coal

CTC supplies utilities with instrumentation and hardware for handling, measuring and controlling coal


Reducing Emissions

CTC has helped to reduce emissions and improve efficiency at a vast number of power utilities


NT Series Adjustable, Diffusing Coal Valve

The CTC NT Series adjustable, diffusing coal valve was developed for the precise control of coal mass and velocity


Pulverized Coal Flow Measurement

The Pf-FLO system determines the mass flow of pulverized coal being transported in a pipe


Density Measurement

An increase in coal density produces a measured shift of the microwave resonant signal